The Difference is in the Details

Hurricane Straps
Hurricane Straps

Once a home is raised, it becomes increasingly susceptible to wind force. All Orleans Shoring elevation projects are protected from wind damage by anchoring the structure with the use of Simpson Hurricane Straps or turnbuckles.

Termite Shields
Termite Shields

You can judge a company’s commitment to excellence through details. Look at the materials, specifically the termite shields they use. Do they feel sturdy and strong or more like aluminum foil? Orleans Shoring has termite shields manufactured with heavier gauge galvanized metal to resist decay over time.

Sturdy Access Door
Access Door

Another often overlooked detail after raising a home is the access door. In order to get beneath the home after it is raised, you’ll need a door. Some companies will leave you with what amounts to a plywood sheet to function as a door. Orleans Shoring’s attention to detail demands that you will have a sturdy, truly functioning, and locking steel door included with your job.

Orleans Shoring Vents

Venting beneath the home is essential after a home has been raised. Other companies will use cheap plastic or cast iron vents that will break and rust over time. Orleans Shoring invests in lightweight, maintenance free aluminum vents for all their customers.

Complete Clean Up New Orleans
Complete Clean Up


What happens to debris after your job is finished? It is typical for most companies to leave job site debris and material at the curb (or even under the house) in hopes that either you or the city will have it picked up. Rest assured that Orleans Shoring will have your work site cleaned spic-and-span. We won’t leave you with a mess after the job is complete.

Possible Finish Options

Orleans Shoring Architectural Blocks

Architectural blocks

Orleans Shoring Finished Stucco

Finish stuccoed

Orleans Shoring Angled Blockwall Trim

Angled blockwall trim

Orleans Shoring Stuccoed Angled Trim

Stuccoed angled trim
Orleans Shoring Custom Vinyl
Custom made vinyl or iron railings fit to your home
Elevated Air Conditioning New Orleans
Elevated air conditioning systems
New Orleans LA Sloped Driveway
Sloped driveway
Orleans Shoring Drive Under Parking
Drive-under parking
New Orleans Slab Separation
Slab separation
Handicap Ramp New Orleans LA
Handicap ramp
Elevator Lift New Orleans LA
Elevator lift
ASK AN Orleans Shoring Representative About a Turnkey Option

Orleans Shoring provides a turnkey project for all elevation jobs. “Turnkey” means that we do all aspects of the job from beginning to end. Orleans Shoring crews perform the excavation and site prep, lifting of the structure, concrete, masonry, and carpentry tasks, and all finishing work. Our plumbers and electricians take care of disconnecting and reconnecting the utilities. Knowing that Orleans Shoring personnel are handling all the construction needs for an elevation offers peace of mind to our customers.

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