Orleans Shoring Gentle Lift Process

Gentle Lift Method

Raise Your Home on an Equalized Cushion of Hydraulic Lift

Unlike the “Teeter-Totter” system (otherwise known as bottle-jacking), the Orleans Shoring Gentle-Lift Method is one centralized and equalized hydraulic jacking system that is completely coordinated to lift a home slowly all at once, regardless of how the weight of the home is distributed. The Orleans Shoring Gentle Lift Technicians are factory trained and certified to operate this complex equipment and supervise the leveling crew. The OSHA code says that it is illegal to use more than 14 manuals (bottle jacks) due to safety. This is why Orleans Shoring is leading the nation in advanced technology.

Uneven Pressure Bottle Jacks

As the house is raised from one side to the other using “Bottle Jacks,” uneven pressure is placed on different areas of the house, causing cracks and cracking of the home.

Home Warping Damage

Throughout the process, as the house is unevenly raised, the pressure is too great to prevent warping and further damage to the home.

Orleans Shoring Jacks

Orleans Shoring Gentle Lift
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