Foundation Repair

Louisiana is no stranger to foundation crack repair. It is no secret that due to the location and environment here in southern Louisiana, subsidence and foundation failure are common. Whether it is residential or commercial, wood frame or concrete slab, Orleans Shoring specializes in all types of home foundation repair. If you see signs of foundation problems on your home, do not hesitate to contact Orleans Shoring today and get your home foundation repaired quickly and efficiently.

So what caused your foundation problems?

In this area, many houses are constructed with foundations that are inadequate for the soil conditions existing on the site. Because of the lack of suitable land, homes are often built on land that has insufficient bearing capacity to support the substantial weight of a structure.

In addition, in our area the clay soils typically expand and contract causing further stress to the home. Any of the following can cause moisture in the soil to fluctuate: vegetation (roots), poor drainage, plumbing leaks, evaporation, wet/dry rain cycles.

Slab-on-grade foundations depend upon the uppermost soil layers to provide sufficient bearing capacity to support the structure and keep the foundation stable. If the bearing soil was insufficiently compacted prior to construction, the foundation is subject to settlement as the supporting soil consolidates. All of these factors and more can contribute to foundation cracks, which is why you should trust the foundation repair specialists at Orleans Shoring to get the job done.

Orleans Shoring will help you identify the source of your foundation problems and will repair your home’s foundation for you.

Why Foundation Shifts Occur:

Soft Uneven Soil
The Gulf South area soil is soft and uneven. Often pilings have not reached the proper solid soil to equally support the home.
Home Shifting
Over time, the weight of the home will shift when not fully and equally supported.
Home Structural Damage
Once the weight of the home begins to shift, crack, and warp, structural damage happens.
Excavating Below Slab
By excavating below the slab, foundation repair specialists from Orleans Shoring will be able to drive their solid concrete “Orleans Shoring Level-Pile” block by block to the point of refusal, thus supporting the home for years to come.

House Raising & Leveling

Are your doors sticking? Do you have cracks in your walls?

If you answered yes to these questions, we can help. We specialize in correcting problems caused by shifting home foundations that cause your house to become unstable. As you can see below, these types of settling problems are very common, especially in Louisiana. Settling and shifting can cause unsightly damage to your home. This damage can affect the living conditions and resale value of your home. At Orleans Shoring, we can specify the necessary methods to correct these common problems and make sure that your house is stable for life.

Warning Signs

Interior Walls
Cracked sheet rock, wrinkled wallpaper and gaps between the walls and molding can be warning signs that there are problems with the foundation.
If your doors have cracks at the corners of their frames or swing or stick when opening and closing, it is usually due to foundation problems.
Sticking or binding sashes can be caused by stress distorting the window frame. Broken panes can also be caused by foundation related stress. If the frame is distorted, cracks will appear at the corners of the wall around it.
Uneven or sloping floors, sliding furniture or dips in the floor could be attributed to foundation problems. Squeaky floor boards may also be caused by foundation problems; however, that is not always the case.
Exterior Bricks
Flexing of the slab can cause broken bricks and cracks in the mortar. As the bricks shift, gaps also appear in the fascia boards.
Shrinking or swelling of the soil underneath the foundation can cause cracks in the slab.
Patios and Porches
Cracking or sloped floors are often signs of problems with the foundation.
Exterior Wall Warning Signs
Home Damage Warning Signs
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