Orleans Shoring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your services?
Orleans Shoring offers a free inspection to homeowners. When our trained technician comes to your home, we will provide a complete analysis and honest evaluation. If repairs are needed, we will provide a complete estimate.
Can Orleans Shoring elevate a house with concrete foundation?
Yes! We elevate on slabs and piers.
Does Orleans Shoring know if it is a requirement to elevate my house?
If the house has a 50% or more hurricane damage and if it is below the base flood elevation for the area, your house has to be elevated. Since your house has to be elevated, you may be eligible for increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Funding (Up to $30,000).
Does Orleans Shoring know my home’s Base Flood Elevation?
If you are elevating your house, you will need to call a land surveyor and order an elevation certificate. Their fee ranges from $150 to $300.
What permits do I need for Orleans Shoring to begin work for me?
You will need to provide a copy of your elevation certificate. If your home is in unincorporated Jefferson Parish, City of Kenner, City of Harahan, City of Gretna, or St. Tammany Parish, Orleans Shoring will acquire your building permit. For Orleans Parish and all others, you will be responsible for providing a building permit.
Does Orleans Shoring warranty its workmanship?
When would I receive my warranty?
The Orleans Shoring Warranty is mailed to you within seven business days after our office receives all final payments pertaining to the completion of your project.
How can I tell if my house has foundation problems?
If you have noticed swinging or sticking doors, cracks in the walls or uneven floors, your home may be in need of foundation repair. You can visit our Foundation Repair page here to learn more about other warning signs of foundation failure. At Orleans Shoring, we can specify the necessary methods to correct these common problems and make sure that your house is stable for life. We will be happy to come to your home for an evaluation and provide you with a free repair estimate.
What causes foundation movement and problems?
Lots of factors can cause foundation movement; however, the main causes are contraction or expansion of clay soils. Soil expansion is caused by the absorption of moisture in the soil causing an upward movement of the foundation known as “heave.” Contraction of the soil occurs when moisture is lost from the soil causing it to shrink in size and compact together. This causes the foundation to move downward which is called “settling.”
If I have cracks in my walls, will raising my home help?
It could. Most often raising the home will close any cracks that are already present; the goal, however, is to prevent any further problems from occurring.
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