Orleans Shoring Elevation Process

Elevation Process

Proudly located in Southern Louisiana, Orleans Shoring is dedicated to serving the citizens of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Our qualified team at Orleans Shoring wants to ensure that your home never faces the risk of flooding again, and does this by providing their house raising, house lifting, and house leveling services. We use state of the art processes in order to raise your home, and we are considered to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you need your home leveled, you can trust Orleans Shoring do get the job done in the most efficient manner possible.

Our hardworking staff Orleans Shoring is both knowledgeable and caring, and will make your needs their number one priority. Our team is committed to bringing you the best house lifting services in all of New Orleans, which is why they have now become one of the top home raising companies in the city. Take a closer look at our house leveling processes to get a better understanding about how Orleans Shoring can raise your home.

  • 1. Before The Elevation Process Is Started.
    Before Elevation Starts
  • 2. Digging Under The Slab
    Digging Under Slab
  • 3. Raising The Slab
    Orleans Shoring Raising Slab
  • 4. Pushing The Orleans Shoring Level Pile
    Pushing Level Pile
  • 5. Home Raised Three Feet

    Home Raised Orleans Shoring

  • 6. Piles Shimmed To New Elevation

    Piles Shimmed New Elevation

  • 7. In Progress Blockwall
    In Progress Blockwall
  • 8. Blockwall, Stucco, and Steps Complete

    Completed Blockwall Stucco Steps

  • 9. Utilities and AC
    Utilities and AC
  • 10. Elevation Complete!

    Elevation Completed

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